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Barry Cawston’s photographic subject matter is diverse. He tends to work in series, seemingly moving randomly between architecture, interiors, portraiture, landscape and social documentary but his style always remains recognizable and his photographs have an almost painterly quality that seems both contemporary and classical.


Recently these bodies of work have become larger and more detailed as he has undertaken projects which have taken up to a year to complete. These include 'Echoes from the Arboretum', 'Are We There Yet?' A Day trip to Banksy’s Dismaland and Weston-super-Mare,  and 'Disturbia', a collaborative project with artist Anthony Garratt. These projects have culminated in high profile exhibitions, published books and touring museum shows.


In 2023 he was invited by Fiona Robinson, the new President of the R.W.A, to be her choice to become an Academician.

In Dec 2023 Cawston's work will be exhibited with Capital Culture Gallery during Art Miami and in spring 2024 he will have his third museum show.


The Yangtze River of Tears               Art Karlsruhe 2019

Disturbia   Concept Launch              After Nyne Gallery London

Echoes                                                Observatory Gallery London

Banksy’s Dismaland and Others      Volklingen Hutte (UNESCO World Heritage Site) Germany  May-Dec 2018 touring to Porto, Lisbon, and Madrid.

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