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Virginia Bridge's work is concerned with the human experience of geometric form, material and surface.  In our daily lives, we are constantly affected by the multitude of objects, spaces, materials and forms that we encounter.  
Our responses to these encounters may be conscious or unconscious, rational or irrational, fleeting or lingering, pleasurable or repugnant, trivial or overwhelming.  It is our unconscious, irrational and emotional responses that interest her most.  A space, an object or an image, whether natural or manufactured, has the capacity to elicit an infinite gamut of feelings, sensibilities or emotions.
Bridge draws influence from the work of mid 20th century ‘modernist artists, such as Ben Nicholson, Agnes Martin, Jean Arp and Joseph Albers, whose geometric abstractions were an exploration of the aesthetics of form, colour and material as a sensible experience in its own right, without representation or reference to real objects.
The geometric forms that are the source material for her work are generally derived from architectural forms, but are often abstracted from reality, to enable a concentrated exploration of unconscious responses to the image.
Bridge's Southbank and Barbican series are a celebration of mid-century ‘Brutalist’ architecture.  The monumental and experimental geometric structures, enabled through the use of reinforced concrete, encapsulate the powerful hypnotic potential of architectural forms and so provide rich source material for her enquiry.
In 2019, Bridge graduated from UWE (Bristol) with an MA (Distinction) in Multidisciplinary Printmaking.  Her work has recently been exhibited work at the RWA, Wells Contemporary Art, Bath Society of Artists’ Open, Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, The Affordable Art Fair (Battersea and Hampstead), Buy Art (Manchester), Fresh Art (Cheltenham and Ascot) and in The Arnolfini, Bristol.


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